Parlor Tricks Part 1 & 2

Cast Illusions at Wasserman Projects
Documentation by PD Rearick, 2022

The Waiting Room

Virtual & Video installation at https://www.museumofmuseums.com/

Design Projects

Window Graphic Art

LED Display at Nordstrom Women’s Store NYC. 2020

Digital Cloud Projection at Nordstrom Women’s Store NYC. 2020

Graphic Design, Motion Design, in collaboration with Nordstrom VM Environmental Design & VM Digital 

A Trap for Passing Flies

“Plug Projects presents a trap for passing flies, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Jessica Dolence. Drawing upon the Arts and Crafts movement and seapunk alike, Dolence combines traditional and digital design to explore experience within physical and virtual environments. Through her play with the vanity as subject and form, Dolence highlights how spaces have been gendered throughout history. Incorporating references that range across mythology, period film sets, and fictional literature, Dolence uses GIFs alongside physical objects to draw attention to the ways in which masculine power structures have often controlled domestic and cyberspaces alike. Created by an abundance of hyper-feminine color palettes, patterns, and furnishings, her surrealist installations emphasize the possibility for decoration and ornamentation to become tools for subversion. Dolence reminds us that feminists throughout history have challenged dominant forms of power through their influence over the appearance of domestic spaces.” - Plug Projects. Curated by Logan Acton.

The Black Diamond Mermaid

AR Mermaid Pop-Up Experiment