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Hello, welcome to I’m a visual artist and designer based out of Seattle. 

Digital Decolatage


Edith’s Garden

Edith’s Garden, inspired by Edith Wharton. 2017 

A View With a Room 

A View with a Room, Cranbrook Academy of Art MFA Thesis
Installation & Video Still,2016

Cranbrook Art Museum. Installation shot by John Carlson

A View With a Room from Jessica Dolence on Vimeo.

A View with a Room is a video montage of moving wallpaper and transitional scenes, which consider the relationship between decorated virtual interiors and Cyberfeminism. I reference historical cultural trends from the Victorian Era to contemporary cyber sub genres like Sea Punk.

The rooms push and pull from the extension of space created by a digital world. Ambient and subliminal, wallpaper forces the background to become the subject initiating a conversation about gender, virtuality, and ways in which feminism continues re-define itself through technology. Mirrors, archways, and time based media allows my digital work to breath and present passageways between worlds no longer bound by dimensional constraints.

Background Noise

Background Noise is a projected video of two suggested rooms, one has a mirror, the other a door. Subtle color shift and noise levels change during the duration of the work. The color fields and architectural details are inspired by lighting and set design in Suspiria and Inferno, 1970-80's Italian horror films by Dario Argento.  Digital Projection and Animation. 2016

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